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You have the need and we have the ability.We can do almost everything marketing related. The stuff we don’t know well, we know the right people to hire to get it done.
No matter what the work looks like, we have to have chemistry. These are the questions that we are asking when we have our first meeting:

  1. Is this person’s business interesting?
  2. Is this person passionate about what they do?
  3. Before making money, does the business aspire to a greater sense of purpose?
  4. Why you or why your company as opposed to others? What’s the special sauce?
  5. Does this business have a marketing strategy based on some market research?

You have to get us pumped about your business. If marketing and working with us feels like “work” to you, then it’s going to feel like “work” to us. We are not looking for something that feels like “work.” We want to put our energy towards only select and special projects.

For some, these can be deal breakers; so let’s get them out of the way first.

Do You Have a Research-Based Strategy?

One of the things that sets Beks Marketing apart from other freelance or contract marketing agencies is our background in market research. We find that working on anything WITHOUT a strategy or research is like shooting in the dark: you’re unlikely to get the results you want, and you’ll end up being frustrated. We use our first call as a way to assess how we can help.

Our clients generally fall into one of four categories:

  1. You have a marketing plan and have the research to back up that plan. You can make that research available to us.
  2. You don’t have a plan or any market research. You can afford to hire us to do it for you ($10–20K). For more information, view the marketing planning page.
  3. You don’t have a plan or any market research You are willing to develop your own plan and do your own research with our guidance ($1500 – $3000). For more information, view the DIY marketing plan page.
  4. You feel that planning and research is a “nice to have,” but you prefer to work off of “gut feel.” In this case, you want to engage us to work on a project. If it’s the wrong play, you’ll share responsibility for the outcome.

How do we conduct our first call?

Usually this first call takes about 30-60 min, and is done via video conference.

What will happens after our first call?

Our first call covers a lot. It gives us a chance to figure out if we have good of chemistry and whether we can help you or not. Together, if we feel there is a fit, the next step is a discovery meeting.