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There are two variations of the discovery meeting, depending on how we’ve articulated the need in our first call.

Marketing Plan Discovery

This variation of the discovery meeting allows us to decide if we will move forward by developing a marketing plan for you or by guiding you in building your own.

Marketing Project / Management Discovery

This version of the discovery meeting allows us to develop a list of marketing activities based on your strategy. We use this time to detail the one or two “test” projects that we will be working on. We should have enough detail to develop a creative brief, a cost estimate and a good sense of how these projects fit into your overall strategy.

How Do We Conduct Discovery Meetings?

If possible, we usually do these meetings in person. If that is not possible, we set up a video conference call. Generally, a discovery meeting takes 1-2 hours and we may ask that you ensure that anyone who needs to sign off on marketing efforts is present at this meeting.