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At Beks Marketing, we develop marketing plans to include four key components:

  • Market Research: To best determine your market, we conduct customer and stakeholder interviews; evaluate industry trends and competitor positioning; analyze existing marketing and customer-satisfaction data; and evaluate brand expressions and alignment to optimize your current marketing.
  • Brand Strategy: We develop a brand narrative for you by telling the story of your business. Our team develops brand guidelines and policies for you as well as a brand-positioning statement. We also create key marketing messages.
  • Recommendations: Our team can identify and clarify your marketing objectives. We provide you with strategies to strengthen your brand image; to best advertise and promote your business; to leverage opportunities for revenue growth; and strategies to generate and nurture leads. We recommend strategies to increase customer engagement, to support the entire sales funnel, and to leverage marketing technology and integrate this with customer relationship management (CRMs). Finally, we give you recommendations on how to measure your marketing effectiveness.
  • Marketing Budget: Beks Marketing will establish a marketing budget that works for you. We will recommend resources, contractors, suppliers, and partners to help you execute your business goals.

Marketing Plan Costs

This route is the traditional marketing plan project where you outsource the entire planning process to us. We do all the research, branding work, outline the strategy, activities, objective, and build the work plan. The average marketing plan costs approximately $10,000. The design of the research heavily influences the costs depending on segments, markets, and how many interviews we conduct.

Your Involvement

Everyone who will be signing off on any marketing strategy or projects needs to be present for the following presentations:

  1. Research Summary
  2. Brand board and positioning
  3. Marketing recommendations and work plan