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Drawing on over 15 years of marketing research and planning experience, Beks Marketing has developed an effective and affordable planning system for small businesses and entrepreneurs to develop their own marketing plans. This system uses the same templates and tools that sophisticated marketing strategists use every day. Beks coaches you through the process of applying the templates to your business and reviews all of your work so you can feel confident that you are getting it all right. If you are willing to roll up your sleeves and develop your own marketing plan with support, guidance, and coaching along the way, this is perfect for you.

With Beks Marketing, you get the support you need including:

  1. Online Coaching: We give you one-on-one expert guidance. Meet with us for 1-hour weekly online coaching and review session (6-8 weeks).
  2. Templates: We send you the same templates that we use to develop marketing plans for our clients and teach you how to use them.
  3. Assignments: In each coaching session, we review the work completed then provide feedback to help you further refine and finalize each section of your plan.
  4. Accountability and Support: Get the inspiration and motivation from us to stay engaged and to complete your marketing plan.

Be ready to work to reach your marketing goals!

DIY Marketing Plan Costs

With this route you are creating your own marketing plan using our tools, coaching, and support. The cost is considerably less than if we were researching and producing a marketing plan for you. DIY marketing plans start at $1,500.

Your Involvement

You are doing all the work under this plan. Coaching sessions happen every week, so you need to be available the same time for one hour once a week. There is usually 4 hours worth of work to do in between sessions. It’s ideal for you to set aside the time to take on this important project for your business.