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After the first project or two, we can discuss a more ongoing relationship where we take full responsibility for your marketing program. In this scenario, we would take care of everything required to execute your marketing program.

Benefits of Ongoing Marketing Management

An ongoing management plan has many benefits in that it frees you from all the management details so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. Here’s how ongoing management can benefit you:

  • You completely hand over your program to us verses managing it yourself giving you more time.
  • We invest time in your business learning as much as we can to support you.
  • You benefit from increased opportunities to collaborate with other clients in our network.
  • We prioritize your work over other casual projects and provide direct support for your unexpected projects.
  • We schedule regular meeting times to go over strategy, to report on progress, and to provide any other support you may need.

You’ll find much more strategic support on our website.

How We Budget Ongoing Marketing Management

A managed marketing program starts at $2000/M. This is based loosely on the number of hours we need to be a strategic partner. This cost includes things like learning your industry, managing your project, , setting up meetings, and providing strategic thinking and direction for your marketing program. It also puts you on our roster. That means we’re an email, call, or text away in case something comes up. We provide full marketing support with this option, but it doesn’t include any creative work such as writing, designing, or programming.

If you require more support, we can up the number of hours. In rare circumstances, we go the other way and reduce the number of hours we give to a project thereby making exceptions to the $2000/M minimum but if $2000/m is not in your budget, staying with project-based work is better.

Monthly budgets are based on how much activity we expect every month based on your marketing plan.

Your monthly bill from us will  include these four sections:

  1. Retainer: The minimum monthly retainer for management, strategy, meetings, plus other benefit, starts at $2000/M.
  2. Overages: Overages on project management and strategy can occur because we unexpectedly had a particularly busy month.
  3. Creative hours: Creative hours billed can include writing, designing, and programming.
  4. Third-party costs: Sometimes third-party costs will be included in your bill. Third-party costs often include hosting, stock photos, design templates, software, photography, and anything else needed to get the work done. All of this is paid for either by you directly (our preference) and is a pass-through cost meaning we don’t mark it up whatsoever.*

*If you are shopping for marketing solutions or getting proposals from other marketing outfits, be sure to ask about their policy for this. Most will mark up their third-party costs.